Lauren Benn

Ski co-op to get city grant

The decision reverses a recommendation from city staffers that My Mountain Co-op not receive any money from the city this year.

City divvies up scarce grant dollars

“This is where our budget discussions become the most difficult,” said mayor Dave Pernarowski

City to give dangerous dogs a reprieve

The city's definition of a dangerous dog is “a dog which is known to attack or viciously pursue a person or domestic animal.”

Critical tourism decision is tonight

A tax on hotel and motel rooms needs support to continue

City to clean up popular boat launch

The city now wants to reinforce river banks to safeguard against further erosion and to remove sandbars.

City council eyes tax increase

Rising wages and inflation tagged as reason for tax increase

City economic arm breaks off Enbridge talks

The Terrace Economic Development Authority (TEDA) won't be looking to the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project for economic opportunities.

Pothole patrol scours city streets

Potholes are made when water seeps under a road and expands upon freezing

City opposes pipeline project

Terrace city council voted last night to oppose Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline Project.

What would you do with old Co-op land?

The committee will meet with groups and individuals regarding future property uses and will examine previous ideas and recommendations.

City Enbridge stance could shift

NEWLY-ELECTED city councillors may change the city’s stance on the Northern Gateway pipeline project Feb 13.

Ski corporation pays debts

Ski corporation president Gerry Martin estimated that $200,000 has been distributed.

Better snow removal will cost money

City officials told council that increased snow removal is possible, but that it would come at a higher cost to taxpayers or with cuts.

Panel hears of pipeline dangers

Final hearings are tentatively slated for September, and will involve questioning and cross examination.

Assessments rise within city limits

PROPERTY ASSESSMENTS in Terrace have increased $30 million, from $1.16 billion last year to $1.19 billion this year.

Council gets its marching orders

TERRACE council members have now been assigned to various committees, task forces, community groups and internal city committees.

Another body found in Gitaus Village

The body of another 20-something-year-old man was found this weekend. Police say the death is suspicious.

City adds and axes some committees and task forces

One new task force is set to focus on the fate of the Co-op property.

Man goes pants-free for years

A TERRACE man hasn’t worn pants for more than 1000 days.

Here is Don Coburn beside one of the many trees from his farm.

Local family grows a Christmas tradition

Decorating a Christmas tree is for many a revered activity to do with family or friends at this time of year.

Here is Don Coburn beside one of the many trees from his farm.