Lauren Benn

Environmental group turns down chamber of commerce award

The Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce award is sponsored by Enbridge

Meeting speakers favour slots

At a city-held public forum last night, most community members who spoke favoured adding more slot machines at Chances Terrace

City plans two major road projects for 2013

Park west of Kenney in Terrace and 4700 block of McConnell need work

Library wants more money from city

Terrace’s Public Library is asking for more money this year to maintain status quo operations

Sale marks climb in subsidized housing

The provincial crown agency responsible for subsidized housing has purchased an apartment building in downtown Terrace

Shames deal not finished

A deal to sell the Shames Mountain ski facility remains in limbo pending a decision on how to treat debt owed the provincial government

Summit piques interest; drives home need to be competitive

Big dollars in the headlines and job numbers listed for proposed projects in B.C.’s natural gas sector are no sure thing

Vandalism targeted by city

The City of Terrace won't be endorsing a designated graffiti wall here, but they do want vandalism to stop.

Former college dean passes away

Long-time dean of trades at Northwest Community College Margo Van der Touw lost her battle with cancer Oct. 28.

Terrace city council plans tax revenue hike

Officials say city will need more than $400,000 in new revenues for 2013

Visit made to grave of fallen soldier

Two Terrace residents travelled to Hong Kong Island this fall to pay tribute to a fallen soldier who was born and raised here

Sawmill open for business

A full crew of Terrace workers showed up for shift Monday as Skeena Sawmills swung into full operation

Damp shelter set to open

THE K’SAN House Society has almost lined up a location for a Terrace, B.C. shelter.

Pipeline sea route possible

The final leg of a planned natural gas pipeline from northeastern B.C. to Prince Rupert could very well go underwater

Energy opportunity window could close

Alberta energy expert urges oil, gas supporters to speak up

Artist seeks graffiti wall

Art subculture would be preserved while vandalism reduced in Terrace, BC

City wants action on derelict properties

Serious problems found at three locations in Terrace, BC

Terrace sportsplex gets new floor

Flooring material used is made from recycled tires

City finalizes tax exemptions

My Mountain Co-op is getting a city tax break this year but the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce isn’t.

City councillor returns to work

Terrace councillor Lynne Christiansen had suffered rare illness