Joe Pelletier

Canucks wait to make their move

Though their season ended in disappointment, the Vancouver Canucks appear to be quite content with their team as is.

Uneventful draft day for Canucks

NHL Entry Draft weekend can be one of the most exciting times on the calendar for hockey fans. All the trades and rumors. All the new players. It is a time for a new beginnings. New hopes.

Canucks’ Stanley Cup window not closed yet

The Vancouver Canucks amazing season did not finish as hoped in 2011. But unlike most other Stanley Cup finalists in years past, this does not necessarily have to be the team's only shot at a Stanley Cup championship.

Never easy being a Canucks fan

I told everyone I know (and everybody in British Columbia listening on CBC radio) that I would cry at some point during game 7.

Pucks on the ‘Net: Game 7

Game Seven. The sweetest words in all of sports. Although I am not certain Canucks fans can stand it this time around. Why must the Canucks torture us so often?

A tale of two cities

The Vancouver Canucks can never make it easy for themselves or for their fans, can they? In that regard they are the most consistent team in the league.

One win away

Remember when I said history doesn't matter. I lied.

Pucks On The ‘Net: Strangely Confident

These playoffs have been an emotional roller coaster for Canucks fans. Apprehension. Over-confidence. Disheartened. Anger. Gloom and Doom.

Game 4 – This loss hard on the heart

I started the Stanley Cup Final feeling very apprehensive. After Game 2, against my better judgement, I allowed myself to feel some confidence, some enjoyment even. I more or less dismissed the game three mauling, though the apprehension returned.

Game 2 – Burrows is overtime hero

Alex Burrows father had some sound advice for his son prior to game 2: score a big goal and people will stop talking the controversies of game 1.

Game Day: Watch for Bruins to bite back

Game two of the Stanley Cup Final goes tonight. I suspect both teams will be free of the layoff rust and will up there games. I suspect Boston in particular will be looking to show all of British Columbia just how good they are.

Game 1: Canucks win an ugly one

THE entire province of British Columbia was ready for a party. Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins did their best to snuff that out, but finally, with just 19 seconds left in the game, Raffi Torres, on a great pass from Jannik Hansen, solved Thomas to win the game. Apparently the goal was the latest game winning regulation time goal in modern Stanley Cup history.

It hurts to be a Canucks fan

YOU would think as a lifelong Canucks fan I would be pretty excited about their return to the Stanley Cup Final. Not even close. The best word I can use to describe my feelings is apprehensive.

Canucks triumph over Sharks

Seventeen years to the day that Greg Adams scored to send the Canucks to the 1994 Stanley Cup final, Kevin Bieksa scores to send the Vancouver Canucks to the 2011 Stanley Cup final!

Game 2: Sharks tank in Vancouver

The Canucks are up 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals. And this time around we can fairly say that that is very much the Sedins fault.

Kesler factor looms large this weekend

Here's some puck thoughts heading into the weekend from Terrace hockey writer…

Sedins need to step up

TERRACE-BASED hockey writer Joe Pelletier talks about the series victory over the Chicago Blackhawks and what the Vancouver Canucks now face against the Nashville Predators.

Hockey gods smile on Vancouver

Canucks win the cup! Canucks win the cup! Canucks win the... wait, what? Oh."

- @AndrewStoeten

First round victories are not supposed to mean this much.