Joe Pelletier

Time to get their noses dirty

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Daniel’s concussion bad news for the Canucks

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Canucks game against Chicago is critical

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Great to see Canucks play the Jets

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Will Rick Nash move to Vancouver Canucks?

Columbus player would be an asset, but how would that work?

Which Canuck will be traded?

Pelletier: Luongo and Schneider staying put for now

Here’s how he missed the NHL all-star game

Pelletier: We got lost getting back to the hotel in the big city

Canucks/Bruins game lives up to hype

Pelletier: Bruins continue to play dirty, but it did win them a Stanley Cup.

Pelletier predicts a riot of a Canucks game

On Saturday the Canucks travel to Boston for a Stanley Cup rematch

Canucks rolling along as expected

So far the Canucks season has unfolded pretty much as I had expected.

All I wanted for Christmas

One local man tells the tale of a merry Canucks jersey

Canucks need to reclaim fans’ devotion

Joe Pelletier on Canucks: It's time to occupy the ice!

Tip loves a good Canucks Chicago rivalry

Joe Pelletier discusses the Vancouver Canucks NHL loss to Chicago Blackhawks, and his dog's reaction.

Hockey’s Prisoner of War

Bob Carse was a promising hockey player out of Edmonton by winter, a gas station manager by summer.

What to do with Cody Hodgson?

WHAT will the Vancouver Canucks do with Cody Hodgson when Ryan Kesler returns?

Canucks fail to send message

AS if the Boston Bruins did not make it painfully obviously last season, the rest of the NHL was reminded on Monday night how to play the Vancouver Canucks: Target the Sedins and take any liberties you want. The rest of the team will do nothing about it.

Canucks appeal to the heart tonight

The Vancouver Canucks open the 2011-12 season on Thursday night with a home game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Character to define Canucks this year

HOW daunting of a task do the Vancouver Canucks face in trying to get back to the Stanley Cup finals?

Canucks fans more wary this year

In talking with a number of Vancouver Canucks fans of late, I definitely get the feeling that 2011-12 season promises to be a very different season. Not necessarily for the team, but more-so for the long suffering fan.

Rick Rypien passes away

Stunning news this week as NHL tough guy Rick Rypien was found dead. The 27 year old NHL tough guy was known for his countless battles on the ice.