It’s uphill

REAL OR not, one of the largest challenges facing the local non-profit group My Mountain Co-op’s efforts to purchase the Shames Mountain ski facility is the perception that downhill skiing and boarding is the preserve of if not the well-heeled, then certainly the better-heeled.

Be careful

TERRACE city council isn’t exactly like the governments in Greece or Italy or Ireland and given to hasty and potentially very costly economic decisions but taxpayers have to wonder at the speed at which it disposed of the $375,000 unexpected grant from the provincial government.


WITH CITY council having dealt a death blow to the former Terrace Co-op building and, perhaps, a mortal wound to the My Mountain plan to buy the Shames Mountain ski operation, it now needs to turn its attention to an issue that arguably has a much larger and much longer impact – garbage. Or, more precisely, recycling.

On the job

MAYORS have two functions – one is a combination cheerleader/administrator relentlessly promoting the city while ensuring the services of the municipality are run efficiently and prudently. The other function is ceremonial – representing the city at social occasions.

Money talk

CITY COUNCIL needs to rethink its approach on how to spend a surprise $375,000 provincial grant. The grant was intended to help pay for the Davis St. road project but came well after the city spent its own money, effectively freeing up the grant for other purposes.

What now

DEMOLISHING the former Terrace Co-op building may be one thing. Doing something with the property afterward is something else entirely.


WHILE BILLIONS of dollars in big projects are planned for this region, public and private purses are opening in preparation — and they should.