Fill ‘er up

Gas bills here remain the highest in the province because of the cost of delivering the product.

Lunch Time

Luncheon protest stifled free speech and the right to freely associate

Doggone it

Part of the problem is a decision in Prince Rupert to spend its dog budget on a senior investigator instead.

Missing Enbridge survey pages a mystery

Nathan Cullen's refusal to release information collected from a public survey begs the question — what's being hidden?


Schools don’t operate in a world where production can be measured in board feet of lumber.


Not good news for the parent of a young student struggling to learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Red ink

NORTHWEST Community College finds itself dealing with the most basic tenet of life – you cannot spend more than you earn.

Bill Hunter

You may have seen this man walking around town over the past several decades

School district in financial jam

Selling those buildings may be the only option but it would be an unpalatable one at best


The cornerstone of any economy is having something someone else wants. That’s always been the challenge in this part of the world.


City council members might be surprised to discover how many people in the city support Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline plan.

Helping out

January may not be the favourite time of year for some seniors and those on limited income.


An amount that tops the Terrace news chart of 2011


IF PATIENCE is indeed a virtue, then the northwest has more than enough of it to export to the world.

Six of one

THE NEW Terrace city council may be the first one in years where residents might expect more lively debate in city governance.

What next

THE THRILL of a political victory will meet reality after this weekend when local election winners contemplate what’s ahead.


RECYCLING, zero waste, waste diversion. Call it what you want but it all comes down to chucking less stuff into the dump.

They’re off

JUDGING from the announcements made so far, the doors at city hall are busy swinging open and shut with people picking up nomination packages as the starting point to becoming candidates for mayor and for city council.

Very scary

WE ALL know where the labour dispute between the province and school teachers is headed.

Good works

IT’S HARD to imagine many areas of co-operation between the NDP and the provincial Liberals in the trench warfare of BC politics but the years-long effort to improve the roads into the Nass Valley and the valley itself is one of them.