Editorial: Hero Joe

Unexpected heroes show us that we are all capable of grace under pressure

Thornhill Primary student Mackenzie Kinney

Boy Santa

Thornhill Primary hosted its annual Christmas concert last week

Thornhill Primary student Mackenzie Kinney

Editorial: All the best

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas. Let the one you choose serve you the best.

Where next?

There's a deeper issue underlying a recent city order to demolish three derelict buildings, and that's a social housing shortage.


The passing of two Second World War veterans should not be forgotten

Editorial: The big one

City hall has its own version of the next big one brewing - the next big budget city project

Editorial: Art?

Graffiti can cost thousands in cleanup costs. Is it really art?

Rome wasn’t built in a day

But Northwest Community College in Terrace, BC deserves trades training money

Editorial: Out front

We should be having a public discussion about what to do with derelict buildings in Terrace

Editorial: Pathways

When it comes to pipelines, a little innovation could go a long way

Editorial: Stats mess

The provincial government needs to get a better handle on the employment statistics it uses for the northwest

Real estate still affordable in Terrace

But will the demand grow for a variety of housing?

Editorial: Been there

The study of how northeastern BC is coping with its oil and gas fueled economic boom could be boiled down to a four-word slogan

Go bigger, Northwest Community College

Old industrial site would be a great college campus location

Editorial: Tax time

It's time for city council’s annual trip south to the Union of BC Municipalities convention.

Editorial: Eye-opener

This week we focus on the importance of locally-grown food

A nuisance

Akin to the parental instinct to protect one’s child, the province of British Columbia has created laws to protect municipalities


If the City of Terrace had a budget-season chorus line, it would be, “We wish there was more money to go around.”

Editorial: Do-it-yourself

The refurbished furniture store and the Summer Arts Festival are examples of community members acting on Terrace's potential

Park plans

The Terrace airport lands enterprise is an example of remaining optimistic