Editorial: A priority

High up on Christy Clark’s ‘to do’ list when she unveils her new cabinet and new direction has to be aboriginal treaty settlements

Rachelle van Zanten is appearing in Terrace

Slide guitarist, back after a break, has her mojo back again

Editorial: Now what?

With a rejuvenated Premier Christy Clark at the head of a re-elected BC Liberal government, the question for the northwest is what now?

City of Terrace can’t afford a living wage policy

Such a policy would be expensive, argues the Fraser Institute


Daycare could save money as well as help students as they enter school

Editorial: Snap quiz

What's the fastest growing business in Terrace, B.C.?

Editorial: 25 years

The first edition of The Terrace Standard hit the streets on April 27, 1988

Editorial: Cullen’s idea

The Liberal Party of Canada leadership race may not be top of mind for many northwesterners save for one factor...

Half right

More is needed to involve northwest in burgeoning energy industry

Natural gas frenzy

Projects amount to billions, but who is watching out for northwestern B.C.?

Go Canadians go, eh

Canadians are rightfully gaining international prominece

North Loses a UBC Ally

Early childhood development expert introduced groundbreaking educational tools to the Terrace

Editorial: Break?

Who can afford a two-week spring break? Is it necessary or simply convenient?

Worth it?

Despite the dangers, hitchhiking continues in northwestern BC

Sports scope

A look ahead at what’s on the sports horizon. To have your sporting or athletic event included, email sports@terracestandard.com.

Ice form

Terrace’s Jacqueline Lenuik has retired from competitive skating and is returning to the area

Editorial: Another year

That old cliche “what a difference a year makes” does not apply to Enbridge’s planned Northern Gateway pipeline project

Sports Year in Review: Part Two

Here’s the second half of our sports year in review — some the moments that caught our attention during the last six months of 2012

Busy, busy

Brace yourself for a hectic time in Terrace and northwestern BC

Sports Year in Review: Part One

It’s that time of year again — the first installment of our sports year in review