Co-op cost

City of Terrace bill for remediation on former shopping centre site is adding up

What now?

Evidence needed of post-strike improvements to school system

Town hall needed

Terrace mayor impromptu's Q and A sparks need for more contact

Tax money

Taxpayers should be concerned at how government spends their money


Cumbersome disciplinary process does no favours to the police or the public


High level financiers look to the state for assistance

Rising BC Hydro rates affect the middle class

Where’s the sense in higher rates driving other families into the poor house?

Editorial: Thank-you

There is talk of the number of volunteers decreasing as jobs become more plentiful and people spend more time making ends meet...

Editorial: Engage

When it comes to managing growth, Terrace is in a unique position to learn from what worked – and what didn't – elsewhere in the province

Green space needed in Terrace

Land sales revenues could be used for the common good

Too prudent?

Province remains silent on liquefied natural gas details

Northern Gateway very much the long game

Large indusrial projects are measured in the decades

Editorial: Mine deal

Deal reached between Nisga'a and Avanti is another huge hurdle cleared for the region's economic future

Editorial: Teachers

Modern classroom are complex places with many different kinds of students

Editorial: Cycling

There’s plenty of options to enjoy life on two wheels in Terrace, B.C.

Editorial: Paramedics

The sound of sirens punctuating the air of downtown Terrace around lunchtime April 7 had to stand as a comfort

Editorial: Star power

Is it just us, or does it feel like all eyes are locked on northwest B.C.?

Province needs to inform citizens about LNG

The following editorial appears in the March 5, 2014 issue of The Terrace Standard

Needed: A Senator for northwestern B.C.

The following is the editorial in The Terrace Standard of Feb. 26, 2014

Changing Elections Canada role would be wrong

What's "fair" about the Fair Elections Act? Editorial: The Terrace Standard, Feb. 19, 2014