Editorial: How can we get a CN overpass?

IT SHOULDN’T take the deaths of two people to expose the dangerous nature of the CN rail yard running the length of Terrace, but it has.

Editorial: Schools starts up with changes

School starts up this year with some differences as teachers adapt to the new curriculum - will it be worth it?

Editorial: Transit

With the government's promise to pay for transit service along Highway 16 comes the question of the best way to use the money

Editorial: Learning

Student success should be based on improvement, but that doesn't mean tests should be done away with

Editorial: Terrace casino a gamble

Development of the old Co-op property into a hotel/casino is more complicated than you'd expect.

Editorial: Choices

Northern voters traditionally have independent views

Editorial: Outside help

The City of Terrace and the Ksan House Society needs assistance from the provincial government in getting with a wet shelter

Demonstrating support

Enbridge is trying to extend its pipeline permit by promoting an aboriginal buy-in.


The Northwest Community College seems poised to receive funding for new buildings worth an estimated $40 million.

Wish list

PREMIER Christy Clark’s government has been quick to get in on the Next Big Thing when it comes to public sector spending.

Drunk tank

The number of people lodged in the detachment’s cells for being intoxicated is in excess of 1,000 people on a yearly basis...

Editorial: Next steps

Improving access to education for aboriginal young people a key takeaway from the Federal Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Editorial: Education

Of all the 94 recommendations contained in the federal Truth and Reconciliation commission’s report the most important relate to education

Editorial: Way forward

If there is a way forward from the history of the residential school experience, the glimmerings of it can be found in northwest B.C.

Happy 10th

It's been 10 years since the city dipped into its land reserve for $1 million in late 2005 to buy the Co-op land in Terrace, B.C.

Editorial: Rejected

The provincial government should not so easily dismiss the northwest benefits alliance

Editorial: Democracy

Last week was quite the week for Canadian democracy...

Editorial: Spring

The first Skeena Valley Farmers’ Market of the year this past Saturday makes it official

Editorial: Happy 50th

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Pacific Northwest Music Festival in Terrace, B.C.

Editorial: Mining

While the region wonders whether or not northwest B.C. will be home to an LNG plant and pipeline, there continue to be other opportunities