Claudette Sandecki

She’s convinced she was scammed

Our columnist Claudette Sandecki had steered clear of scammers – until she came across a smiling stranger

Not quite the World Wide Web

Spiders this year are definitely making their presence known

It feels good to clear out the house

This week, our columnist Claudette Sandecki tackles her recycling

What do kids today know anyway?

Internet age certainly doesn't make them any smarter

Modern actors mumble too much

I often have difficulty understanding dialogue in newer movies despite still enjoying what I believe is excellent hearing.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles

The World Wide Web knows everything about you from your computer

You just can’t dismiss the written word

Who needs a camera when your can write in a journal

How can anyone believe these scams?

Be scam aware, especially with email scams that want money sent overseas to a family in "trouble"

But nobody told me I’d need a lap belt

Suppose you’re waiting to be picked up for your introductory ride on HandyDART.

Googling to grow tomato plants

When my two tomato plants grew as differently as Schwarzenegger and DeVito in “Twins”, I pondered Why?

No chance of a night on the town

Sequestered jurors have limited access to their families

New neighbours bring new adventures

The first hint a neighbour swap is about to take place often comes as a For Sale sign

The life of a Mountie is never boring

Can you picture dinner conversation in an RCMP officer’s home after a typical day on duty in Terrace?

Bike charity rides worth the risk?

Since Terry Fox everyone has tried to mimic some form of his run to raise awareness or donations for some good cause.

What happens when they get older?

Early in June, 100 senior students from a New York Yeshiva about to set off on a trip to Atlanta were booted from a plane

She knows her limitations in the kitchen

This week our columnist Claudette Sandecki talks about what she does in the kitchen

When in doubt, use a Sharpie

In our family, being on time and keeping promises are taken for granted.

Wriggling out from under fashion police

This week our columnist Claudette Sandecki talks tightening garments, then and now

They call them experts for a reason

This week our columnist Claudette Sandecki discusses the pros and cons of doing-it-yourself

Some things you just can’t believe

There's no telling what will make the news each day