Claudette Sandecki

Sleepless nights gave her a chance to reflect

Did you know that columnist Claudette Sandecki used to live in Manhatten?

To thank you, or not to thank you

When Jimmy Fallon took over Jay Leno’s Late Night Show he took along a popular segment he calls Thank You Notes.

New nib restores old pen

No ink flowed unless I first pounded my wrist on the desk, primed the nib through a drop of water or dipped it into a bottle of ink.

Have dog and still can travel

Advancing age can cause problems with agility and getting around

If only their parents knew

Is it so hard to walk a few steps to a garbage can?

There’s no Chevy like an old Chevy

Columnist Claudette Sandecki reflects on her family's first truck

Grandchildren improve your life

The cute or clever actions of toddlers positively enhance grandmothers’ moods

What’s wrong with today’s youth?

Back in the good old days Terrace youth would have cleaned up after their grad party.

Refrigerator design not elder-friendly

If only the designers of common appliances knew how it feels to bend and twist at age 75

Posse aids in criminals’ capture

When it comes to combating crime, Terrace and Thornhill could copy the actions of the farming community of Briercrest, Saskatchewan.

These houseguests were a pleasure

Columnist Claudette Sandecki recounts an enjoyable visit with her family

Needlepoint survives to this day

Methods to manage the home and work mix given a twist

Don’t let it be said her life is boring

Columnist Claudette Sandecki doesn't let repetitive tasks get the best of her

Teachable moments in the waiting room

Columnist Claudette Sandecki says much can be learned from conversations in the medical lab and waiting room in Terrace, B.C.

Service dogs need to be recognized

War veterans with post traumatic stress need service dogs to guide them through stressful situations. But they aren't allowed.

Governments need to address housing

To automatically expect that everyone living in a big house should take in someone in need of affordable housing is unrealistic.

All she wants is some peace and quiet

This week Claudette Sandecki takes aim at signage in Terrace

Soothing baby the old-fashioned way

Parents today use 'white noise' machines to shush fussy babies, but there is a better way

Able-bodied need to think of others

Selective enforcement of parking regulations is galling for those in need

Movie plots are just a bit tiresome

When boy meets girl, it tends to be the same old story