Claudette Sandecki

Leave those handicapped parking spaces alone

Readers are increasingly frustrated with inconsiderate drivers, writes columnist Claudette Sandecki

What does that mean, anyway?

As an elementary school student each Monday morning teacher assigned 10 new words...

She’s rational about storm rations

Terrace columnist Claudette Sandecki spends three days at home cocooned by a blizzard

The act of vandalism we keep paying for

Broken door at the Terrace Public Library has leaked our tax dollars for years

The mouse that roared, sort of

Unwelcome signs of little creature litter the house

Dance first, eat later

Payments whittled my budget until things got so dire one week my fridge held only carrots and mustard.

Transparency is a good thing

Bill C-27 empowers band members to vote for a fairer share of reserve revenues.

Parliament needs a police force too

If the complaints are kept secret, any investigation or consequences kept out of the public eye, all deterrence is lost.

Where there’s a way, there’s a will

A will can save everyone a lot of work and frustration

How to never be out of touch

Have confidence with a Get Smart shoe phone innovation

Politeness goes a long way to resolving complaints

Be sure to document your situation before speaking with merchants

Executors could use their own ‘thank you’ card

The paperwork involved when someone dies is very complicated

Privacy breached

Controversy erupts when stories told in private then become public

No use found for used wooden crutches

One person managed to convert crutches into a useful stool

Have garbage cans, will trudge

Garbage, recycling program offers exercise possibilities

What’s going on behind the regional district’s closed doors?

The resignation of director Doug McLeod begs the question

Don’t keep depression hidden away

Talking out problems can be the start toward a solution

Dump the snacks means you’ll sleep much better

The simplest way to achieve this is to not buy the snack foods when grocery shopping.

Is there a mouse in my house?

One morning a week ago, sounds of what I took to be a mouse scritching about under my pillow had me wide awake in seconds...

People could benefit from sharing meals

Like puppies, our eating habits and food tastes derive largely from what our mothers taught us...