Claudette Sandecki

We can’t coddle the coders

Columnist Claudette Sandecki ponders the merits of teaching children to code

Kitchen table was HQ for family

Columnist Claudette Sandecki on the importance of dinnertime and family

Call of the wild, Thornhill style

Columnist Claudette Sandecki finds inspiration in an unexpected place.

Hair today and gone tomorrow

Columnist Claudette Sandecki on the merits of learning to thread and cut hair

Distressed clothes stress out Mom

Columnist Claudette Sandecki on the benefits of no longer feeling responsible for how her adult children dress

When in doubt, call head office

Columnist Claudette Sandecki writes about the importance of complaining to a company

Getting old is a weighty issue

Balancing calories with exercise is tricky business as you age.

Photos help jog your memory

"A few weeks ago while writing a bit of family history, I asked my brother if he had a photo I remember taken in 1938."

Skip texting, try embroidery instead

We lived in a two-room basement apartment in the Bronx with a minimum of furniture...

Let’s hear it for dandelions

A shortage of honeybees means that prime food sources like dandelions should be appreciated and nurtured in Terrace, B.C.

If only health care had Henry Ford

More streamlining of health care system would be better, says columnist

Juror selection prevents court delay

The shortage of jurors results too frequently in small communities where most everyone knows either the victim or the complainant

Excuses just don’t count

Parenting styles today praise kids for everything, and yet they're not learning rudimentary math anymore or other things they should

No ifs, ands or butts about it

The push is on to collect, transport, process and safely dispose of cigarette butts, just like other materials. What would that look like?

Firefighters duty bound to respond

Newfoundland firefighters resignation sparks questions about whether property owners can prohibit firefighters from their job.

No thanks. I don’t want to meet Lidia

So long as you have an internet connection you will never be truly alone. You can filter calls and some emails, but not all.

Fake freckles? What’s next?

Women of all ages spend lavishly on new beauty enhancement from hair dyes to wigs to contact lenses to alter eye colour and plastic surgery.

This really gets her goat

There's lots to be said for having a goat in your household

No room for stereotyping in a fire hall

Thornhill, B.C.'s volunteer firefighters include six women, all equally as trained and qualified as the men

Product shifting found confusing

The first stop on my weekly shopping trips has been the Real Canadian Wholesale Club where I could quickly load a cart with weekly staples