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Sunrise, sunset

Our columnist Char Toews talks about the position of the sun

Fall fashions

This week our columnist Char Toews takes us back to school with her to check out her favourite outfits

News, weather, and sports

This week, our columnist Char Toews talks about her relationship with the news

Chester’s Dock

Columnist Charlynn Toews takes us back in time to Chester's Dock

Teddy Bear Rainforest

I was driving a rented car from Sidney to Victoria about 15 years ago.

He’s no relation to us

My son has recently been working on a family-tree assignment for school, so I have become interested in his research. Okay, truth be told, the OCD kicked in and I can’t get enough of those Toewses.


I think it’s great that BC’s own Pam Anderson wants to raise awareness about oil tankers on our coast. She says, “When I heard tankers were going to be coming into Vancouver harbour, I said ‘No Tanks’!” And then there’s a lovely video on YouTube on a great beach, and she is a lovely beach babe, for sure.