Andre Carrel

Those who don’t plan will be in trouble

KTIDS and its partners are to be congratulated for their decision to reach out to the Peace River region agencies


Could Terrace and Thornhill find a way to become one entity?

Nice try, but refinery proposal just won’t work

Andre Carrel is a retired public sector administrator living in Terrace, B.C.

D-Day beachhead brings us peace today

Sacrifice of thousands on June 6, 1944 was not in vain

Oil pipeline risk outweighs benefits

We do know that the transfer of oil cannot be made 100 percent spill-proof.

China is prime beneficiary of Enbridge pipeline

We get one shot at such resources: once used, they are gone – forever.

What the Prime Minister wants, he usually gets

The one topic that is sure to stir controversy in 2012 is the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project.

It’s about ending poverty and discrimination

The problem of disappeared women does not lie with the victims of crime and our law enforcement agencies, it lies with us

Thornhill has nothing to gain by joining Terrace

Even though local elections are now over, one question was brought up at the all candidates meeting that deserves to be explored.

You need a plan to have good government

When the Community Charter replaced the Municipal Act about a decade ago it replaced annual budgets with annual five-year financial plans.

Bus service would boost ski business

That Shames Mountain is a winter sport and recreation success is evidenced by the enthusiasm, engagement, energy, and sheer hard work applied by the organizers, volunteers, and supporters of My Mountain Co-op (MMC).

Take both Co-ops to a referendum

The Yukon’s Municipal Act is a rare beast among Canadian local government statutes; it includes a preamble stating the legislation’s philosophical principles.

Compromise key to labour relations

The essential interests of management and employees in any enterprise, unionized or not, public or private, are identical.

HST fiasco is a warning to all politicians

On May 4, 2011, a group referred to as the independent panel released a report on the difference between the HST and the combined GST/PST.

Rule of law evasive as always

The 20th century was the worst century on record in terms of man’s inhumanity to man, but a statement by US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in April 2000 made to the University of World Economy and Diplomacy at Tashkent in Uzbekistan held out the promise that the next century could see some improvements: