Andre Carrel

Full time mayor is more than a money issue

Whether sitting at home, out for a walk, shopping, or attending a council meeting, the mayor’s responsibilities rest with the incumbent 24/7

Government would set a troubling precedent

Province ignoring the courts in its dispute with teachers

Local control would help education

More creativity is needed to address concerns of teachers at a local level in Terrace and other municipalities

Here’s a way to fix our voting system

A two-round vote in certain ridings is the solution to disproportionality

Low chamber survey response a calamity

A deeper reading of the survey results gathered from Terrace businesses for Enbridge project raises interesting questions

Shifting policy requires corporations to step up

Laissez-faire government attitude towards Terrace housing means onus is on companies to build new homes.

Let citizens decide office terms for elected officials

Top down imposed election times are simply undemocratic

‘Taxpayer’ label breeds unneeded tensions

Few labels irritate me more than being referred to as a taxpayer, and having the money governments spend referred to as taxpayers’ dollars.

The Senate can be fixed to work properly

Columnist Andre Carrel doesn't want to abolish the Senate

How many people does it take to save a man’s life?

Columnist André Carrel ponders this, and more, while having a pacemaker installed – and offers his heartfelt thanks to those who helped him

Child support payment enforcement needed

The contract arising from childbirth is between parent and child, not between mother and father.

MP Nathan Cullen silent about his wages

Was our senate meant to be a chamber of sober second thought or a retirement home for political hamsters?

It’s the corporations we should be regulating

The history of regulations goes back to the early civilizations of Greece and Egypt.

Senate could have a vital role to play

The question of whether to abolish or elect the Senate tends to flare up in the wake of a crass partisan appointment or abuse of privilege.

Unseen figures control corporate actions

Carrel takes a look back at how a recognized gas company became engulfed in a new anonymous world.

Here’s how to choose the perfect candidate

Once every four years citizens are offered a brief reprieve from the responsibility of endless decisions

Child care

Unwavering commitment worth every little person’s weight in gold

Bed checks needed for Senators

Living in one building would be one way to guarantee attendance

There’s danger in staying idle much longer

Change is not impossible but it is indeed a tall order

American polling a threat to Canadian democracy

Election messages can be manipulated for very specific groups of voters