Al Lehmann

Biking can be very good for your health

And it can also help clean up the environment as well

Loose lips sink the government’s ships

Conjuring the name “Orwell,” whose 1984 World State featured brutality, manipulation of information, and propaganda,

Saving energy saves planet and money

In buildings the movement will be toward re-using waste heat, then designing for renewable heat sources.

Quiet progress on energy alternative front

Terrace, BC group preparing efforts to reduce overall energy use

And what’s that supposed to mean anyway?

This week, our columnist Al Lehmann talks about how what political slogans are doing to humanity

This could make you lose your appetite

Food costs projected to keep rising higher and higher

That’s one scary bunch of Americans

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once commented that living next to the United States was like being “a mouse in bed with an elephant,”

It’s still all about the students

We’re not trying to churn out a uniform product to some industrial standard, a truth those in power are reluctant to learn.

Health care under attack from within

“A universal health system is essential if you want a country that’s healthy and productive."

Free exchange of ideas vital to our society

Although most citizens recognize the many values to be gained from receiving a good education, disagreement exists over what that means.

Batten down the hatches

As for our local NEB hearings on the Enbridge pipeline, the decision to approve it has probably already been made.

This man wants to occupy your mind

The so-called “occupy” movement commands a lot of column inches and sound bites, whatever medium one happens to prefer.

Want your voice heard? Get out and vote

“Class in society is determined by voice.” So wrote Marshall McLuhan, one of Canada’s most original thinkers.

When this bubble bursts, watch out

Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, once attributed his trademark spherical design to an interest in bubbles. As a young naval officer he had had the originality to wonder why bubbles didn’t appear in water as cubes or polyhedrons!

Politicians are just playing chicken

In the days of cheap gasoline and hot rods, testosterone-driven adolescents used to play a game called “Chicken.” It involved driving at accelerating speeds toward certain death until the driver braked, swerved, or crashed. The idea seemed to be that risking a nearly certain death was preferable to admitting that these actions might be somewhat stupid and judgment seriously flawed.

Let’s go back to genuine home cooked meals

Where to eat, where to eat?...” One can imagine a harried working parent exploring the options of obtaining a quick family meal amid the stresses of suburban life.

Modern living helps us avoid problems

Arthur C. Clark, author of 2001: a Space Odyssey, and inventor of the concept of geostationary satellites for telecommunications, once wrote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”