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Trail race royals crowned

The King of the Mountain trail race saw fresh faces on the podium this year

  • Wed Sep 17th, 2014 5:00am
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This year’s King of the Mountain trail race proved to be a family affair, with twins Krista and Andrew Johnstone finishing first in their prospective categories.

And reigning champion Chris Hampton continued his rule, taking first overall for the second year in a row with a time of 0:51:41.8

The 37th annual 10 kilometre race, held Sept. 7, began and ended at the Terrace Sportsplex, with racers running the Terrace Mountain bike loop via the Johnstone St. trailhead.

Participant numbers were about the same as last year – just over 70, a bit shy of the 100 organizers had anticipated due to a healthy crop of people pre-registering – and the day went off without a hitch thanks to dedicated volunteers and sponsors.

“It went pretty smooth,” said race organizer Nadene Butler, adding the biggest hiccup was a swack of wasp stings after a wasp nest was rattled along the course.

She said that some of the participants they’d expected from Prince Rupert and Smithers didn’t show up, but there were plenty of new faces this year, a good sign.

“It almost looked like half of the people were new,” she said, adding that the core of racers she’s seen for years at the race also had a strong showing.

Behind Hampton in the Male 40-54 category, Michael Hogg placed second with a time of 0:57:57.4 and Richard Kriegel saw third with a time of 1:01:40.6.

And in the Female 40-54 category, Nancy Vandevelde (1:03:03.7) saw first, Kim Barriere (1:10:44.0) came in second, and Daphne Heenan (1:15:56.1) finished third.

Carla Lennert (0:59:11.8) and Natasha Papachristoforou (1:02:02.6) placed second and third respectively in the Female 18-39 category, behind Krista Johnstone’s 0:57:35.0. Krista placed sixth overall.

Her twin brother Andrew Johnstone came second overall with his time of 0:52:29.9, and first in the Male 18-39 category.

James Clay was close behind him with a time of 0:52:50.6, giving him third overall and second in the category. Kurt Gasser rounded out the top three in the category with his time of 0:53:47.1.

Sherrie Hamer finished first for the Female 55+ and 16th overall with her time of 1:05:45.9.

And Murray Warner (1:00:56.7), Geoff Parr (1:06:20.6), and Yvan Richer (1:16:46.9) took the top three spots in the Male 55+ category.

For the Male 17 & unders, Markus Behnke (0:58:23.9), Josh Grant (1:04:10.5) and Ethan Kenmuir (1:06:28.3) finished first, second, and third respectively.

Sasha Davies (1:58:16.2), Brittney Alfred (2:27:51.0), and Raychel Davies (2:27:51.4) ended up taking the top three spots for the Female 17& unders.

Profits from the race – around $250 said Butler – were donated to Terrace Search and Rescue, not Northern Animal Rescue Alliance as had been previously reported.

A full list of results follows:

Male 40-54

Chris Hampton 0:51:41.8

Michael Hogg 0:57:57.4

Richard Kriegel 1:01:40.6

Andrew Neilson 1:06:28.5

Kevin Oler 1:10:41.2

Shawn Kenmuir 1:12:00.8

Rene Gilinas 1:14:14.5

Randy Dumas 1:17:18.9

Frank Driol 1:27:38.9

Female 40-54

Nancy Vandevelde 1:03:03.7

Kim Barriere 1:10:44.0

Daphne Heenan 1:15:56.1

Renna Marcotte 1:16:21.1

Dana Vigneault 1:16:40.5

Lori Janzen 1:18:30.7

Crystal Thomas 1:18:30.9

Tracy Starkie 1:22:06.9

Female 18-39

Krista Johnstone 0:57:35.0

Carla Lennert 0:59:11.8

Natasha Papachristoforou 1:02:02.6

Carina Muigg 1:06:56.0

Marlee Cater 1:11:49.9

Chelsea MacDonald 1:12:19.6

Trish Nicolai 1:13:09.5

Starla Penner 1:14:44.1

Annie Berard 1:15:38.5

Estelle Lombard 1:15:52.0

Jocelyn Dewalle 1:20:00.0

Amanda Hartman 1:20:08.1

Megan Leach 1:21:48.9

Allen Wootton 1:21:51.3

Maggie Kotowich-Laval 1:23:51.6

Alexa Benson 1:29:50.8

Michelle Segonia 1:30:24.2

Lisa Dakis 1:31:05.4

Kelly Ewald 1:33:37.8

Kristine Ewald 1:33:38.0

Megan Reid 1:37:01.8

Cheryl Gilbert 1:48:14.5

Male 18-39

Andrew Johnstone 0:52:29.9

James Clay 0:52:50.6

Kurt Gasser 0:53:47.1

Stu Toop 0:54:15.3

Lombard Willem 0:59:11.7

Chuck Ferguson 1:05:50.6

Hugh Jones 1:09:45.8

Daniel Henry 1:11:00.5

Kurt Nester 1:15:20.2

Jean-Michel Larouche 1:16:07.6

Etienne Boivin 1:22:26.5

Kurt biagioni 1:23:53.3

Walter MacMillan 1:24:23.5

Benjamin Davidson 1:29:51.1

Nathan Moore 2:06:06.7

Female 55+

Sherrie Hamer 1:05:45.9

Male 55+

Murray Warner 1:00:56.7

Geoff Parr 1:06:20.6

Yvan Richer 1:16:46.9

Mike Reid 1:37:02.1

Kurt Schelegel 1:50:00.4

Male 17 &under

Markus Behnke 0:58:23.9

Josh Grant 1:04:10.5

Ethan Kenmuir 1:06:28.3

Kohen Butler 1:14:03.5

Ty Giesbrecht 1:14:03.7

Andrew Wells 1:27:21.6

Female 17&under

Sasha Davies 1:58:16.2

Brittney Alfred 2:27:51.0

Raychel Davies 2:27:51.4