Speedy young dirtbiker claims four firsts

Terrace’s Gracie-Lee Mowbray sped into first overall and skidded out three whole-shots

Seven-year-old dirt biker Gracie Lee Mowbray sped into first place at the recent motocross double header race in Terrace.

She kicked up dust as she shot out of the gate and led the pack around the first corner to win the whole-shot in three of her races.

A speedy little racer, Mowbray took first in all four of her races, competing against six others in the 50cc class for ages 4-6.

Aside from her first place wins, Terrace’s Cooper Armstrong took second and Gideon Elmore from Telkwa took third in the Saturday double header. On Sunday, it was Prince George racer Lyndon Patenaude who got second, and Armstrong got third.

The Honda North Series in Terrace was a sanctioned Canadian Motosport Racing Corp race, and thus the Terrace track had a new twist to mix things up for the racers. An extra table on the 100-footer jump, something Mowbray said she didn’t like.

Her mom Shanon Young said made the race more challenging, but Mowbray did well.

“It was not what she was use too but she still rocked it,” said Young.

Francis Guerin also claimed four victories, winning both Plus 40 and Vet Master divisions on both Saturday and Sunday.

The other Terrace winner was Cooper Armstrong who won New Kid Beginner.

For more results, check out cmrcracing.com.

The recent double header was the only scheduled race in Terrace this summer, but dozens of Terrace racers, including Gracie-Lee and her brother Carter Mowbray, travel to races across B.C. to compete in the provincial circuit.

But for Gracie-Lee, Terrace is her favourite track.

“There’s lots of jumps,” she said, adding that jumps are her favourite part of racing.