Practice makes perfect

The Terrace Track and Field team readys for the BC Summer Games

Track team members Summer Schulte and Mikayla Holmes practise discus. The team films themselves using an iPad in order to check their form and make improvements.

Terrace’s track and field team might not have a regulation track, but they do the best with what they have.

Terrace does not have a rubber-coated track like the ones used at other track meets. This means Terrace cannot host a track meet of its own, and athletes preparing for the Summer Games need to make certain adjustments, things like wearing different shoes and setting up sprinting stations in the grass.

“We use equipment that’s similar, but it’s not the same,” said coach Dighton Haynes. “There’s a big difference between track and asphalt.”

The rubber layer on top of the asphalt makes “a cushion so there’s that give and you don’t get injured.”

He hopes Terrace will get a track in his lifetime, but doesn’t see it in the near future. “They’d have to rip out the entire field,” he said.