Kids excitedly chatter to their parents after their spin around the track. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Kids take a spin at Terrace speedway

Kids crowded around the gate for their chance for a ride at the speedway track tonight.

Kids took a spin inside and on the racing cars at the speedway track tonight, and will have a chance for more at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, when the races continue.

It’s kids weekend at the speedway track, with face painting and a bike race for kids, as well as car rides, in between the car racing at the track.

Here are a few photos of tonight’s fun at the track.


Nine-year-old Paul Stanley climbs out after his ride in the car. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Colin Reinert leads the race as he carves around the corner with two cars on his tail in the ministock race last night. Following him in car 240 is Brian Huchinson who travelled from Smithers to Smithers to race this weekend. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Kynan Finnie and a crowd of buddies survey the damage after a mishap on the track which sent Finnie’s front wheel flying. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Kynan Finnie with his now-three-wheeled Chevy Nova. Jackie Lieuwen photo

One-and-a-half-year-old Isaac McElroy had his ears well protected while he watched the speedway races with his mom Marina Carere. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Kris Sweet and Phil Hustad race neck-and-neck in the Legend class races tonight. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Phil Hustad un-buckles after winning his race in his little Legend car. With him is his wife Lorna. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Four-year-old Madison Schuss gets her face painted at the speedway track by Stefanie Walker from 5-Letter-Words. Jackie Lieuwen photo