Danielle Sexton rides her horse Riott in what was Riott’s first gymkhana last weekend, June 17-18. Alice Sexton photo

Hooves pound in Terrace gymkhana

More than 15 riders saddled up, taking jumps, racing around barrels and more

Between 15 and 20 young riders saddled up for the recent gymkhana in the Thornhill fair grounds, taking jumps and racing around barrels in the weekend event.

Run by the Totem Saddle Club, the riders sailed over jumps and led their horses through dressage patterns on Saturday, June 17, and raced through a variety of other competitions on Sunday, June 18.

They raced around barrels, kicked up dust in the keyhole, flag and ring competitions, and competed in pole bending and figure eight.

The next gymkhana is July 23.


Dylan Currie races Cinnamon around a barrel in the recent gymkhana run by the Totem Saddle Club in Thornhill. Alice Sexton photo