We need to be weaned from oil

Currently, humanity does not know of any technology that can replace our dependence on oil.

Dear Sir:

Oil is a nonrenewable resource. Today is a time in history when you can purchase fresh vegetables at the supermarket in the middle of winter.

This is because we have access to a plentiful supply of cheap energy – for the moment.

The question arises – how long will our current world reserves of oil remain?  The answer may surprise you.

Humanity is now at the peak of the supply – demand curve.  This means that moving forward – our demand for oil is greater than the reserves on our planet.  This means that the cost of our energy will increase as the supplies become diminished.

Humans managed to reach this peak in about 100 years. A normal bell curve suggests that the world resources of oil will be used up in about the same time.  Therefore, continued depletion is inevitable, the question remains, when.

I am not willing to argue this point.

The fact is – eventually this natural resource will be used up.  Rather, I am suggesting that we prepare ourselves now – for the enviable future.

Globally, with free trade and such, now involving Europe as well, protectionism of Canadian resources is not well accepted.

What is needed is a formal energy policy proposal that could be adopted by our government.

The wording of such a formal proposal would be very tricky.

his is because this proposal would need to be put forward in such a fashion so that it would not offend the current developers of our oil resources or the consumers of gasoline and other products, such as natural gas.

At the same time, it would need to suggest that these parties mutually invest in the research and development of the technology needed to replace oil when these resources are depleted.

Currently, humanity does not know of any technology that can replace our dependence on oil.

Therefore, it would be prudent to address this issue now.


Glenn Martin, Terrace, BC