Tribute to Brian Gregg as a man of hope

Writer honours Gregg as one who “strove to see through the clouds and rain and give an answer”

Dear Sir:

Thursday May 4 it was with a deeply-held heartfelt grief that a small number of us gathered together in the Terrace cemetery to share in the rain our last respects for Brian Gregg.

I am not from Terrace nor am I one with a deep or lengthy relationship with the Gregg family.

I do however have a reply to the perspective on the seeming finality and ruthless permanence that the inevitability of the death of a human soul holds for all human beings.

That any of us had the occasion to exchange conversation with Brian we were thereupon freely opportuned to two things. The choice toward life and hope that were availed to us every day and the enhanced hope from the lifegiver.

Brian was at best, one who determinedly strove to see through the clouds and rain and give an answer to our burdensome mortality.

We were immediately charged of the fact that we’re to be held in account and at our end will give account to our creator for all the fullness of our days.

Grim as it was, there was always hope.

If you were ever one to hear from him the hope and comfort of Brian’s firm belief in a Bible heaven and salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ then recall that what was said was from his heart in a sincere and passionate hope.

To be reached out to from the depths of the distinction of life’s suffering and struggle and note that you were also to be included so freely in that distinction, meant that someone cared deeply. You needed an answer and Jesus was the only answer.

As we closed in prayer the sigh of the Holy Ghost spoken to all hearts so willingly present affirmed what we and heaven already knew so well. What a beautifull soul! God rest you Brian.

Stan Walker,

Hazelton, B.C.