They weren’t scammers

Confusion over door to door collections clarified in Terrace, B.C.

Dear Sir:

The Terrace Hospice Society would like to clarify a story on The Terrace Standard website,, on July 17, 2014 in which it said that two ‘scammers’ were going door to door asking for money for the society even though the society wasn’t doing door to door soliciting at that time.

The people going door to door had done so around the time of Hike for Hospice and were community members collecting pledges for the hike.

When a donation is given, a tax receipt for amounts of $10 and up, is mailed out.

When the person in the story didn’t receive his tax receipt, he called the society. Terrace Hospice Society then called the police to report a scam.

Hospice staff did not connect the situation to their Hike for Hospice fundraiser. Later staff discovered the truth of the matter.

The receipts were delayed in being mailed out due to staff vacations.

Terrace Hospice sincerely apologizes for the confusion and stress this story may have caused.

For more details, call Penny at Terrace Hospice Society, 250-635-4811.

Penny Dobbin, coordinator,

Terrace Hospice Society,

Terrace, B.C.