Terrace water contains toxic substances

My focus of this letter is in regards to the addition of unnecessary and harmful fluoride to the water.

Dear Sir:

The reason for this letter is to inform the people of Terrace about a serious public health issue. Most people realize that our bodies are roughly two thirds water so we need to drink enough water every day to stay healthy. Unfortunately, certain types of water are really detrimental to our health. Terrace tap water is one of them.

The reason why our municipal tap water is so unhealthy is that chlorine and fluoride are added to the water. My focus of this letter is in regards to the addition of unnecessary and harmful fluoride to the water.

In Terrace, Fluorosilicic Acid is added to our municipal water supply which is a byproduct of industrial waste. There is plenty of research to show that fluoride is toxic and detrimental to our health. It is so toxic that it can eat through steel, iron, and aluminum. Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances on earth.

A study by the National Cancer Institute found that cancer in the bones was 50% higher in communities where fluoride was added to the water, when compared to communities that don’t have fluoride. In 1992 the New Jersey Department of Health published a study showing cancer rates of 3-7 times higher in males in areas with fluoride added, as compared to non-fluoridated communities. Several studies have also shown that fluoride causes damage to our genetic structure and thyroid gland.

Too much fluoride can also build up in the bones, a condition I have seen in several patients in Terrace. This leads to brittle bones and mottled tooth enamel. Fluoride also causes abnormal calcification of the ligaments around the spine, ribs and pelvis, pulmonary fibrosis (lung damage), anemia (blood disorder), liver damage and heart problems.

Fluoride added to the water also can cause damage to the nervous system, especially the brain, in children. In January 2011, a study from the scientific journal Neurologia found that Fluoride is toxic and passes into the brain causing nervous system damage. The authors concluded that people should avoid all forms of fluoride including those in toothpaste and water.

The problem with adding fluoride to the water is that there is no way to control the amount a person is ingesting. The more water a person drinks, the more fluoride they are going to be exposed to. Also, fluoride becomes an airborne gas when water is heated, as in the bath or shower leading to a further increase in exposure.

As if this problem is not bad enough in adults, in infants, especially, it is more of a concern because most baby formulas are already contaminated with fluoride, and then if the formula is made with tap water they are getting far more than they should. There is no established safe level of fluoride for an infant. So, in other words, they shouldn’t be getting any. In fact, even at 1 part per million it is still a dangerous toxin that can have long lasting effects on adults.

If a person wants fluoride that’s their choice but by adding it to the water we are being drugged (poisoned) without our consent. (possible liability issue)

The good news is we can avoid fluoride by running our water either through reverse osmosis or distillation processes. Even better yet, our new city council can stop adding this industrial waste to our water. This will improve the health of our community and we will save money. Most European countries have already banned fluoride in their water systems and many other communities across Canada and the United States are doing the same. Let’s stop paying to poison our water.

Dr. Davis Lindsay, B.Sc., DC

Terrace, BC