Terrace resident has own solution to teachers’ dispute

At the very least, legislate an opening for kindergarten to Grade 6 classes

Dear Sir:

Here is my solution to the BC teachers’ strike.

To begin, do we recall the strike/lock out of the professional sports teams, resulting in a cancelled season with the resultant salary cap and return to stability? Can this be practically applied?

Legislate the K-6th graders back to alleviate some stress for day cares and cancel the ‘season’ for the remainder of classes.

Open the sports arenas and school facilities to all the sports then the library, fish habitat. Students could learn about camping, cooking, fishing, biking, budget banking, consumer awareness shopping methods – all those things one would hope to be exposed to during adolescence.

Coaches, umpires and referees and instructors would be paid an hourly wage from the money saved from teachers’ salaries. Some of that would cover equipment as well.

With all those extra people there’ll be some openings filled in most of the ‘help wanted’ sections of our community.

What are the lessons here? Well, the adolescents should gain some practical skills honed early, and useful through life.

And some people who didn’t realize what a wonderful position they previously enjoyed may come to appreciate there are a lot of families who have to make do with less, and life is often all about compromise.

Frank Donahue,

Terrace, B.C.