Terrace Peewee hockey team continues to impress

They are definitely on life’s ‘A’ team, says Ksan Society representative

Dear Sir:

A number of us at Ksan Society were not surprised when we read the recent letter to the editor from Kamloops regarding the Terrace Peewee rep hockey team.

A handful of the team chose to do some volunteer work at Ksan before Christmas. We have a button machine and they made hundreds and hundreds of “Hands are Not for Hitting” and “Words are Not for Hurting” pins, they cut out thousands of hot pink shirt stickers for anti-bully day and they did posters for the emergency shelter.

If this team is an indication of our future – we have a very bright future ahead of us.

They are definitely on life’s ‘A’ team.

Carol Sabo, Terrace, B.C.