Terrace, B.C. could use a slogan

Letter writer suggests 'Vibrant By Nature" to reflect city and area

Dear Sir:

I was born and raised in Terrace and graduated from Cal in 1982 and although I now live elsewhere, I return several times a year to visit family and friends.

With all the hub-bub I have been hearing lately from locals about how the town is booming, it seems to me that it is a good time to capitalize on that excitement by expressing the dynamism of the place at present.

Just recently at the airport while waiting for a flight, I saw Kitimat’s slogan on a promotional poster: “A marvel of nature and industry.” I then read in a business publication that Terrace has its own slogan: “Heart of the Northwest.”

That might be a nice boast for local residents, but it rings hollow to the outsiders that the city is trying to attract.

The city’s slogan should recognize the city’s strengths: its natural beauty, its wealth of industry and commerce, First Nations culture and art, and the breadth of the many other visual and performing arts, concerts, festivals, markets and so on that bind the community together and make Terrace a desirable place to live. How about, “Vibrant by Nature”? That’s kind of catchy, and it reflects the sum of all of those strengths.

Max Durando,

Victoria, B.C.