Stop all of this propaganda

Terrace, B.C. letter writer a prime candidate to run for the NDP

Dear Sir:

In a recent letter to the editor, Willie Cure says this: “We have a new hydro line going through our northern B.C. The government in 2009 had it bid out at $395 million and so far it’s only $746 million and it’s not finished yet.”

Presently in the province of Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro is building a 1,384 kilometre transmission line at a costing budget of $2.24 billion.

Manitoba Hydro wants the transmission line to run on the east side of Lake Winnipeg as it is the most environmentally friendly route.

Premier Greg Selinger’s NDP government wants to override Manitoba’s Hydro decision.

It wants to have the line built on the west side of Lake Manitoba, which will involve over 600 kilometres of environmental damage, adding an extra $1 billion dollars to the Manitoba Hydro estimate and a longer route.

Willie also says he doesn’t want electromagnetic rays in our province.

Then why hasn’t he thrown his cell phone into the garbage can?

The CBC hired an engineer to do a study on radiation rays with the new smart meters.

Conclusion: smart meters and cellphones give out equal radiation rays.

Willie would make an excellent candidate for the BC NDP as he has made comments to the editor without even doing his research on the topic.

Maybe Willie was born yesterday, but the readers were not.

When is the propaganda going to stop and comments made based on the facts. Mickey Mouse big time.

Joe Sawchuk,

Duncan, B.C.