Show us the beef, Enbridge

Pipeline company needs to be more assertive in its promises

Dear Sir:

Enbridge keeps plying us with media messages, including full page ads that tell us how wonderful life will be during construction of their Northern Gateway pipeline and after completion.

I would like to believe that stuff but what I really need to hear is how Enbridge has reinforced its emphasis on ongoing operations safety.

It’s nice for Enbridge executive Janet Holder to talk about how it is doing everything in its power to build confidence in its project but something’s missing from its fluffy ads.

Let’s see the CEO (on behalf of the board of directors) publish a document telling us how the Enbridge organization will operate the Northern Gateway pipeline and all other Enbridge pipelines commencing this date.

Pat Daniel, the out-going CEO, might have prefaced his comments as follows: “Our objective is to minimize future incidents’. We learned in Kalamazoo, Michigan and now will include specific operational and organizational changes for Enbridge that will be directed by our board of directors. The specifics of our new operations safety plan will be published shortly.”

Without a firm statement from the CEO and from the board, who is to be responsible to monitor and report about areas of concern and to make timely and necessary action decisions.

And, who will bear the consequences when another Kalamazoo, Michigan fiasco erupts?

It appears that there was no organization during the Michigan nightmare. Who should bear the blame for screw ups? Who let the organization delay action on the pending difficulties on the Michigan pipeline. If not the board of directors, then who?

So please, Enbridge, tell us how your culture has changed and how your organization will be structured to deal with these vital issues.

Please draw an organizational chart showing positions and responsibilities and spell out how the board will steer this ship – from Edmonton to Kitimat – and through the Douglas Channel. Please.

Show us the beef.

Carl Shalansky, North Vancouver, BC