Sarcasm not needed as Terrace election day draws near

Facebook postings are of concern to letter writer

Dear Sir:

When choosing a mayor, a community has to consider who will provide leadership, create a collegial, respectful council and represent the community with vision and dignity. Mayor Dave Pernarowski has tried to do this during his term of office. It has become evident that if candidate Bruce Bidgood is elected mayor, we may see a much more confrontational atmosphere in council.

Mr. Pernarowski was clear in addressing a chamber of commerce luncheon that the idea exploring boundary restructuring as a way to meet the needs of the future was his own opinion as the outgoing mayor.

Subsequent to the speech, it was with a great deal of concern that I found the following posted on Mr. Bidgood’s Facebook page: “It is wrong for individuals to be speaking on behalf of the City of Terrace and/or in favor of pro-amalgamation candidates when council has not spoken on the issue.”

This is a very dictatorial statement that should give Terrace residents pause before bringing ideas and issues to a council led by Mr. Bidgood.

And then came this: “As public opinion against the concept grows, just watch how our pro-amalgamation, pro-boundary extension, pro-Super Community candidates now back peddle and change their story to say things like, I meant joint cooperation, joint planning and joint economic development not annexation.”

Does this aggressive sarcasm set the stage for creating a respectful, focused council who will work together for the good of Terrace? And why is it all right for Mr. Bidgood to talk about amalgamation when he chastises others for doing it? And finally, does this sound like an individual who is going to build broad consensus for the greater good of our community?

Gerry Martin,

Terrace, B.C.