Postie gets stamp of approval

Letter writer will take compassion over speed any day of the week.

Dear Sir:

Earlier this month I found myself harking back to the “good old days,” when mail posted seemed to reach its destination  within the province almost overnight.

I had mailed a cheque to Victoria to pay my house insurance and at the same time, sent a CD to a friend in Vancouver. Almost two weeks later, neither had been delivered.

Of course, the day I had the bank put a stop payment on the cheque, lo and behold it arrived at the insurance office; they posted it to my account and I had to scramble to stop the stop payment before my cheque bounced!

I really don’t understand why the mail seems to be moving at such a snail’s pace, but I do know that we have a very special “pony express” employee here in our local post office,

On a recent Monday, my granddaughter, Maggy, mailed a CD to her Grandmother Linda who is in  hospital in New Brunswick and sent it priority post.

The postal employee was kind enough to assist her fill out the address form on the envelope and assured her it would arrive within a few days.

Later that day, the door bell rang and when Maggy answered, it was the gentleman who had waited on her at the post office, hand delivering  the tracking slip she had left behind.

This kind” postie” understood how important it was that the CD reach her grandmother and wanted Maggy to have the slip in case her CD went astray.

It may for whatever reason take longer for my mail to make it from point “A” to point “B” but I’ll settle for compassion over speed any day.

Dawna Marie Ottenbreit,

Terrace, BC