Pay attention to parking regs

The behaviour of people who park illegally in accessible parking spaces has to change.

The behaviour of people who park illegally in accessible parking spaces has to change.

People need to show respect and obey the law. If the behaviour does not change to a positive one, then don’t complain if you get a fine and/or get your vehicle towed for illegally parking, after all you know you are breaking the law.

The RCMP do see people here using disabled parking spaces but, they say, they use their discretion on whether to give out a ticket or not.

What kind of message is that sending to the community? To me, that means if the RCMP ignores the law, no wonder people can just park where ever they want illegally. This is sending the wrong mention to the community. The law needs to be enforced, people fined and the vehicle towed.

Business owners must also enforce parking. Business are not losing parking spaces, there is a reason why some people need the disabled parking space. Having that parking space means the business owner is being inclusive.

If you take that parking space away, you do not get business and that person is no longer inclusive, and this is a form of discrimination.

So business owners quit complaining about the disabled parking space. Maybe one day you may need it. There should be more disabled parking spaces, not fewer. If the powers that be think enforcing this law will hurt the image of this community, you are 100 per cent wrong.  Also tourists visiting B.C. can use their legally-issued disabled parking permits while in B.C.

If I was mayor I’d have three priorities – safety issues, accessibility and hiring a full time bylaw enforcement officer to fine those people breaking the law. It’s common sense.

Yvonne Nielsen,

Terrace, B.C.