Old concrete could ease erosion, flood worries

A meeting of minds in Terrace could result in something good happening

Dear Sir:

Your editorial this week (“Flooding,” The Terrace Standard, April 18, 2012) has finally prompted me to write of thoughts that have been bugging me for a month.

There is an apparent need for some method of erosion control as well as flood protection along the lower Kalum River in Dutch Valley as is well known.

There is a more than ample supply of material that is suitable for rip-rap at the former location of the old Pohle Lumber Mill (Repap, Terrace Timber etc.) in the form of broken up concrete foundations, which require disposal.

Is it too difficult for a meeting of minds between the provincial government, Emergency Measures, the Regional District of Kitimat- Stikine, the City of Terrace, perhaps even a federal government suitable fund, to have this material loaded, trucked and deposited in an appropriate method to provide protection?

The City of Terrace is mentioned as owners. They they will ultimately be required to have this mess cleaned up anyway. By participating in a joint venture it would be easier on everyone’s pocket.

Ron Gowe, Terrace, BC