Not a bright move

Local man thinks Italy should pull its head out of the sand.

Dear Sir:

If I could predict the day and the hour of the Rapture I’d say go ahead to Italy and convict those scientists for murder for only predicting an earthquake when it struck the country.  But I can’t and neither can they.

I say it’s the most stupidest move in history, except maybe doing similar idiocy against Galileo, we should rename the country Iran, put up sanctions, and demand they turn their scientists over to a democratic country.

Former British Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher was against the European Union because the numbskulls on the continent had no idea of running a democratic country and two world wars proved it. Now this happens with murder charges levied and Thatcher is right again.

Maybe the Papacy has learned its lessons and will come to the rescue.  Iran/Italy should at least get its head out of the sand.

Brian Gregg,

Terrace, B.C.