Lumber littered with spikes dumped in Copper Mountain Subdivision

Letter writer would like it removed before someone's dog is hurt

Dear Sir:

Within the past 24 hours someone has dumped a load of trash lumber a stone’s throw south of the PNG regulation station between Haaland and JL’s Excavating. This trash consists of scrap plywood and triangular 2×8 lumber ends but worst of all, lengths of 2x8s with spikes two inches long sticking straight up.

Dogwalkers frequent that area each day. The spikes are ideal for injuring a curious pup, and next winter will pose even more of a hazard hidden under snow.

If this is your neighbour’s (or your own trash) please remove it to the Thornhill dump before a dog is crippled and a vet bill results.

It might even be your own dog that gets injured, though knowing you I’d expect you to dump the limping animal along some remote road and leave it to die of infection and starvation.

Claudette Sandecki,

Terrace, B.C.