Liberal Ellis Ross elected: Now what?

Perhaps Christy Clarke’s specific support means he will have a stronger voice

IT WAS almost the result local BC Liberals feared the most – a win from their candidate Ellis Ross but an overall loss to the NDP, a seeming repeat although in reverse of the past 12 years with New Democrat Robin Austin holding Skeena and a BC Liberal government in power.

But that’s not the case thanks to the convincing victory of Mr. Ross and with the BC Liberals heading back as the governing party, albeit in a minority position.

Still, Mr. Ross is going to face a challenge as he settles into his new role because his party will be governing without a majority.

With Premier Christy Clark now needing to pay attention to the Greens to stay in power, she may not have the time nor the inclination to pay attention to the northwest.

It means Mr. Ross is going to have to be firm and, when necessary, be loud as necessary to follow through on his commitment to do his utmost to figure out how people are to make a living here. It’s what got him elected and it’s what people will expect.

Curiously enough, history just might be on Mr. Ross’s side as he gains his footing in Victoria. Three Skeena representatives since the mid-1980s, when their party was in power, have ended up in cabinet where the big decisions get made.

Don’t forget, Ms. Clark hand-picked Mr. Ross to be her candidate. A sign of confidence and now of things to come?