Kyoto Accord unceremoniously dumped by the government

In contrast to other countries, our emission rate is actually increasing

Dear Sir:

December 31st marks not only the end of a once-new year but also the official end of the Kyoto era.

Kyoto, lest we forget, was the first and so far only international treaty on how Earth’s peoples treat the air we all breathe. So how did it go ?

Canada, unique among earthly nations in having a Harper government, proved also unique in being the only nation to quit the club.

Probably just as well; we sure weren’t going to collect any prizes for over-achievement. While the rest of the signatories managed to reduce their emissions by an average of 16 per cent, Canada’s emissions (thanks principally to the Alberta tar barons) actually ROSE 17 per cent.

Something to celebrate December 31st.

Thanks awfully, Right Honourable Mr. Prime Minister, sir!

John How, Terrace, BC