Market conditions are forcing the closure of the Northern Engineered Wood Products (NEWPRO) facility in Smithers. It manufactures particleboard and melamine decor products.

Jobs needed in northwestern BC

It would be great if we never had to cut down another tree or drill another oil well, but we don’t live in a fantasy world

Dear Sir:

The NDP says that we need to train more trades people in this province and I totally agree with that.

But if the NDP was to form government, where would these newly-trained people work, as the NDP is opposed to all of the projects that would supply the necessary employment.

With that kind of logic it is not hard to understand what happened in the last B.C. and federal elections.

The silent majority in B.C. and in Canada elected governments that ran on a platform that would focus on jobs and the economy.

This is absolutely necessary if our country is to remain economically stable and it is time to get on with creating the necessary jobs.

No more time should be wasted trying to appeal to unrealistic fringe protest groups.

The statement made in Smithers two weeks ago by a member of the Green party that he was happy that the NEWPRO plant had to shut down confirms just how out of touch with reality some of these people really are.

Any delay in the start of proposed LNG projects will result in higher costs for those projects and lost revenue for the government.

Coupled with a steady decline in revenue from the forest industry due to the mountain pine beetle epidemic, this would eventually lead to higher personal taxes or a cutback in government-funded services that a lot of us appear to take for granted.

If the government was to continue to supply these services with borrowed money it would eventually bankrupt our country as has been the case in many countries in Europe.

And if the truth were allowed to come out it would show that the United States is very close to bankruptcy as well. The proud city of Detroit that was once the shining star of the USA economy is now officially bankrupt and has no money to run the city.

It would be great if we never had to cut down another tree or drill another oil well, but we don’t live in a fantasy world and something has to pay the bills.

I hope that some positive solution can be found that will result in operations being able to continue at the NEWPRO mill in Smithers as I know how important it is for the workers that rely on this to support their families.

Brian Mould,

Terrace, B.C.