Is China creeping in our back door?

Terrace, BC letter writer says we should be worried about the impact on human rights

Dear Sir:

Roc Holdings owns the new sawmill. Roc Holdings is a private company whose principals have experience in building materials, development and international trade. It is the BC affiliate of a substantial private conglomerate in China. Is it any wonder many Chinese workers are coming here?

In China we know they have human rights infringements. Harper even spoke out about it a few years go on a visit to China. This same Harper has signed a treaty with China.

I doubt there will be concerns about human rights wherever the Chinese are put to work. Like a hundred years ago, poor wages, poor working conditions – who will complain? People want to keep their jobs.

What kind of agreement did these Chinese workers make to come here? Is this going to affect our human rights over time?

China is creeping in through the back door. Is anyone watching?

Martha Murray, Terrace, BC