He’s doing something

Man follows wife's advice by writing letter to newspaper

Dear Sir:

I mean it, where does all the money come from, and who exactly runs the World Bank? I would like to meet him.

Money that’s what matters – it’s what we teach our children, it’s more important than friendship, love, honor, air, water and food but wait a minute not more important than those last three things is it?

The government is here to protect these precious resources and always steer our country and us in the right direction that’s what unfortunately a lot of people still believe. In the last 100 of our 6000 year existence we have managed to totally dominate this earth and make it ours.

Man’s quest to have electricity and oil is marred by such damage to ourselves and the environment it makes you wonder if it is for the better of man and woman kind, or just a few individuals pursuit of greed and power.

Maybe we, the 99 per cent, should ask the 1 per cent with the millions in their bank accounts if this could be possibly true. Do you think the 1 per cent have considered that the technological advances of today could eliminate such heavy dependency on oil and huge hydro projects or would that not be profitable enough?

Do Shell, Suncor, Enbridge and Alcan care if your children have clean water, air or food that tastes like food? Did Prime Minister Harper, sitting on a local millionaire’s deck on Lakelse Lake 2 years ago, (a very low key visit) look across the lake at the cut blocks on the mountains and say to his children, look at this beautiful pristine place I would hate for anything to destroy it.  I doubt it.

The corporations or I mean Harper (same difference) wants the pipeline no matter what the cost, pushing propaganda in our papers on how good this is for our community and country. Finding alternate energy resources is progress, not destroying the planet and its natural resources. Europe’s resources have been decimated and now we are allowing the same thing …lesson learned… not at all.

Oil is a gift from the earth, which only a few are controlling and driving the need for, so they can profit. It is time to stand up and fight these people or it will be a bleak future for your children.

This is the same air and water the dinosaurs consumed and it worked perfectly until approximately 100 years ago when we exploited the environment…and now its coming back on us, unless we change our attitudes. This earth sustains us we do not sustain it. We are 60 per cent water. Yyou destroy that you destroy yourself.

Imagine living in a snow globe … give it a shake, what goes up eventually comes down. That’s where you live and your future generations; or on the other hand lets embrace these corporations and keep our heads in the sand. Our pockets for a short while will be full of money. Corporations, shareholders and other benefactors will be much better off until the next conquest. I suggest to even make it easier for Shell, Suncor and Enbridge to transport their oil they should just dump it straight into the Skeena from the pipeline. They could also set up a hydro dam at Prince Rupert where they can catch the oil and ship it away…. and produce electricity at the same time!! Think how cost effective that would be for the corporations.

Now, I know, you think I am cynical. If they could get away with it….it would be done. Imagine 40 to 80 million people, their land and way of life devastated by corporations for hydro dams – its been done. Whole countries have been bought up, the people and their resources decimated its been done, and now this ideology is in your neighborhood. Next time you are on Google look around, there is a lot more going on than just Facebook, a movie called Zeitgeist would be a great start.

It is sad to say when that oil pipeline bursts from slides, or whatever has broken PNG’s gas line three times, gravity seems to be factor in the mountains. The oil will end up in the Skeena. No matter though, with all the mini hydro projects cooking up the unhatched salmon eggs in the creeks or all the radioactive fallout from Japan the fish will be tasting mighty yummy pretty soon.

I am disgusted when reading articles about pro-pipeline support with respect to past spills, words from idiots like: unfortunate, accident, unforeseeable come to mind. Tell that to the surrounding communities that eat, drink and depend on their environment to sustain them.

The government has pigeon-holed people like me as radical, is it radical to want clean air and water for future generations or is it radical to poison our environment for profit and political standing. The Romans, Incas and Mayans thought they would last forever but they only saw short term too.

I complain a lot and my wife said instead of complaining you should do something, I did – I wrote this – what are you doing? Should we yell, shout and stamp our feet or maybe we should just lose a hockey game and have a riot over that.

Dan Robinson,

Terrace, BC