Hazards need to be corrected

Nass resident points out hazards that need fixing — now.

An open letter to:

Randy Penner,

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure,

Terrace, BC

Dear Sir:

I noticed about three weeks ago that there was a big boulder surrounded by several smaller rocks just north of the last rock screen on the south end of Lava Lake.

It is about 5 to 7 metres above the road and would certainly crush a vehicle if it came down; it will block a lane if it does.

I reported this to Gary Cox (Nechako Northcoast) up here. He told me he had put that one and a few others on a request for scaling that had been in for a long time.

One of the rock hazards is on a request that has been in for more than a year. I hope they are taken care of before someone gets killed.

Speaking of deaths, we’ve had a couple at one-lane bridges up here, as well as several head on collisions My wife, Dawn Germyn, wrote a letter to the minister about the bridges a couple of months ago. I know he saw several himself on a visit about a month ago.

The one at the bottom of the Tseax hill is a disaster waiting to happen, especially when the roads are icy. A big truck can’t stop once it is a third of the way down the hill; we’ve seen a couple of very close calls.

I guess new bridge cost must be measured by the number of deaths (maybe five deaths is worth one new bridge) just like I’ve seen it take a death before a stop sign is put in place at some unsafe places.

I wish you luck in getting this government to spring the money to correct these hazards before more people are killed.

Thank you for your attention to these details.

Des Belton,

New Aiyansh, BC