Gas guys need to communicate

Telephone conference call format is not a consultation

Dear Sir:

Can a natural gas pipeline be converted to carry oil? Apparently so.

This and many other distressing facts were shared with our community on Sunday Oct. 7, 2012 by Andrew Nikiforuk, an award-winning Canadian journalist.

I live in the Kispiox Valley approximately 30 km north of Hazelton, BC. Our community recently noticed a flurry of helicopters flying up the Kispiox Valley. The helicopters had geo-mapping equipment attached to their runners.

It was eventually brought to light that the helicopters were hired by Spectra Gas and that they were mapping out a proposed natural gas pipeline that would run from the Peace River country through our area, crossing several rivers and going all the way to Prince Rupert.

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, along with many other British Columbians, I received a phone call inviting me to a town-hall meeting that was to commence momentarily. It was hosted by Spectra Gas and they were inviting people to take part in an information session about their proposed project.

There was no advance notice of this event. The few people who did take part in our area never had their questions addressed. I am told that the audience was heavily loaded with supporters from Alberta. I was so angered by the lack of notice and respect from this company that I feared I would be unable to comport myself well, so declined the offer to participate.

We fear that this town hall meeting is Spectra Gas’s attempt at consultation.

Carol Ponchet-Cassidy

Hazelton, B.C.