Fines for pot possession don’t make sense

I am a criminal because I enjoy smoking pot in the privacy of my own home.

Dear Sir:

I have read Bob Erb’s and Bob Adami’s letters on the legalization of marijuana and feel I need to comment.

I am friendly, caring, and generally well-liked person who is active in my community. I own my own home and vehicle and have been steady in the same job I enjoy for almost 5 years. I am a hard worker, honest, family oriented and always willing to give a hand to someone in need.

I am also a criminal. Not because I hurt, steal or affect anyone negatively. I am a criminal because I enjoy smoking pot in the privacy of my own home.

I may be funding gang activity I am opposed to because of prohibition. I would grow some for myself and friends, it would be near free (the way it should be, it grows wild in nature) if I wasn’t risking losing my home doing it.

New legislation set to pass would impose a mandatory sentence of 6 months if I grew 6 plants in my greenhouse and was caught. I would be given a criminal record and most likely lose my job.

Mr. Adami: I already pay an astronomical rate for pot due to gang control, it’s a dangerous business with plenty of risk to the growers and suppliers due to the environment prohibition has caused.

So I ask you what would fining an individual like me who is already put in a bad situation by these ridiculous laws achieve? More financial loss over something that doesn’t even affect folks like you?

I am unaware of the “problems pot causes now” you speak of, however regarding the argument of health risks: I understand many deaths are caused by alcohol overdose and withdrawal. I have never heard of an instance of someone overdosing or dying from withdrawals on pot, but correct me if I am wrong.

Tim Andersen, Terrace, BC