Enbridge deserved green award

Energy innovation deserving of award from Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce

Dear Sir:

There is a company with an office and a project in the northwest  who through their commitment to the development of renewable and alternative energy capacity  now own or have interest  in projects that produce  1,212 megawatts.  This is enough power to supply 374,000 homes .  These projects include wind farms (8), solar energy operations (4)  and geothermal (1).

Their commitment is to create enough renewable energy to power all the operations of their business.   They have recognized that the world needs  to maximize renewable energy sources and they are doing something about it.

Through their commitment to research and innovation they have developed projects  such as   highly efficient low head turbines for power generation that do not require substantial alterations to a river , they have developed NRGreen waste heat units that recover waste heat from natural gas compressor stations and convert it to electricity.  They have developed technology that provides for large scale electricity storage, advantageous in areas where there is a lot of intermittent renewable energy.     And then there is a  carbon capture and storage project.

They should have been nominated for the BEA Green Award.  Shouldn’t we be acknowledging and celebrating commitment, research,  innovation , investment and success in development of technology that  actually makes a difference in helping our environment?   What is the name of this company  you may ask?  Enbridge.

Lael McKeown,

Terrace, BC