Electoral reform is hogwash

Problem is people vote against a party, rather than voting for the party they want, says writer

Dear Sir:

RE: Column from Andre Carrel saying that proportional representation would lead to a more consistent government.

Andre’s comments (on the need for electoral reform) are complete hogwash!

When going to vote at provincial and federal elections, vote for the party you want to vote for.

Too many voters are voting the opposite of their preferred choice to keep one party out of government over another.

If voters voted for who they prefer, you would see in most cases right across the country, minority governments both provincially and federally.

Minority governments work well because the elected government must listen and work as a team with the opposition parties.

A surge would develop in the number of Green party MLA’s and MP’s elected. Electoral reform is a major waste of time and a waste of taxpayer dollars to hold a referendum on the issue.

At least this way, taxpayers would get a third and forth say in the politics of government.

We live in a democracy, so mark your voting ballot for the party that you want to see win a seat in government.

Andre, time for you to wake up and smell the coffee.

Joe Sawchuk,

Duncan, B.C.