Editorial: Star power

Is it just us, or does it feel like all eyes are locked on northwest B.C.?

Northwestern B.C. is now the centre of the universe.

Well, maybe that’s slight hyperbole, but on some days, with all the attention we’re getting, it feels that way.

At a recent Chamber of Commerce luncheon BC Hydro official Lesley Wood told the audience that eyes in the Lower Mainland are trained on the Terrace region because of its ongoing development surge.

From the major debates over oil and gas expansion to the internationally known struggle over the future of the Sacred Headwaters, to the fact that the Terrace housing market has been listed as one of the hottest in the province, there is plenty here to take interest in.

One can add to this the concern raised by the Highway of Tears or the National Geographic-level of respect for the nature values of the wildly pristine coast.

As SkeenaWild director Greg Knox reminded council last week, existing at the centre comes with responsibility.

Knox was specifically referencing the carbon emissions affecting the global climate from western oil and gas development and the need for alternatives and restraint.

At the same time innovative engineers and investors are trying to get oil and LNG flowing to Asia ASAP.

If the country is watching intently, then the country will remember what it sees. How will the choices we make now be remembered?