Editorial: Leaders

The clock is ticking for new leaders or collectives to emerge

The departure of Terrace’s director of finance Ron Bowles means there will be another gap to fill in Terrace’s municipal leadership as summer advances towards fall and the November local government elections approach.

Mayor Dave Pernarowski also announced he will be stepping down.

As did longtime councillor Marylin Davies, who closed up shop after 51 years here and 10 years as councillor to move to Vancouver Island.

This year the stakes are high. Several key policies and developments require deft hands on the tiller.

Cue working with the Chinese Economic Development Zone that plans to build several factories on city land.

Cue administering the new affordable housing fund. Cue revenue sharing negotiations and big vision files like a second overpass, acquiring land and expanding utility services.

New provincial legislation means council must sit four years, up from three, so the elected members are in it for the long haul.

Recent staff and council departures may not spell “leadership crisis,” but it certainly bares mentioning that the clock is ticking for new leaders or collectives to emerge.

While councillor Bruce Bidgood has made it clear he will be running to replace Pernarowski, we still don’t know who will run against him.

Or who will be running to fill in the vacant seats on council and tackle the policies and developments to come.